Chevelle’s latest single, ‘Face to the Floor,’ has the Chicago guys spitting out hard rock in true Chevelle fashion: guitars reeling onward, choruses swelling and Pete Loefflers’ emotional, yearning vocals emoting over a sea of sturdy rhythms.

Subject-wise, ‘Face to the Floor’ takes on a deeper meaning than many rock songs of today. Drummer Sam Loeffler says the song has to do with the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme and people’s frustrations with the American economy, in general, right now. “In talking to Pete [Loeffler, singer], he says, specifically, the song is about greed,” Sam told Loudwire. “It’s something we’re dealing with in our culture right now. Actually, that song is about Madoff, and he wrote the lyrics when he was watching a documentary on the Madoff Ponzi scheme and how it worked and how many people he stole from and how long he stole.”

Sam says it was mind-boggling, in the worst way, what Madoff got away with and how long his reign lasted. “It was almost unimaginable how great a job he did and how much he got away with. He didn’t just spend the money; he built an empire,” he said. “It’s amazing we live in a country where something like that can happen without anyone noticing.”

While ‘Face to the Floor’ is sturdy atop the active rock chart, Chevelle are already thinking about the next single. Check out what Sam has to say about the possible new single, here, and read Loudwire’s exclusive interview with Sam next week!

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