Before I could turn off the microphone, I had a visitor at the doorstep of the radio station with ice-cold lemonade in hand.

Last week, I went on air with the story of the 8-year-old entrepreneur behind Chase Lemonade. What caught my attention was what his mother said about him in this KATC article.

Chase was about two and a half, three years old. He asked Santa Clause for a rental property. We didn't have the resources at the time to get him a rental property, but we gave him an idea on how he can make his own money and establish his rental properties.

Chase started his lemonade stand about two years ago using a "secret family recipe" and since then, the Franklin native has served gallons of his delicious lemonade to customers from New Iberia to Houston.

His mother says the pandemic has allowed Chase to focus more on his business, expanding it beyond his neighborhood and even putting a portion of the proceeds back into his community

We just hope that Chase can be a role model to anybody who has doubts that they can't make it or succeed in life. We just took simple lemonade and turned it into something bigger. Get the value of community, family. Everybody is helping everybody.

In less than an hour from the time I mentioned Chase's story on air, I got a knock on the studio door with a message that someone was in the lobby to see me. It was Chase and his dad—masked up with his signature lemonade in hand. I only had time to snap a quick pic, but his dad handed me a bag full of red candy looking pieces and whispered through his mask: "drop these in the lemonade."

Staff Photo

Definitely a sweet treat from a dude who is just as cool as his lemonade.