Austin Robichaux isn't playing for his father anymore, so let's see how Aut is doing after flying from the nest and into professional baseball.

After being drafted in the 18th round by the Los Angeles Angels, he made his way to the Orem Owlz. He now finds himself fully in the minors, playing for the Burlington Bees (single-A). He's not alone in Burlington though. Fellow grinder Caleb Adams is busy as a bee as well in Burlington, pun fully intended. We'll check on him in the next piece.

Robichaux picked up a win Tuesday night, where he went five innings strong, striking out five batters and getting out after allowing four earned runs. Watch him tell this batter, "Hello, goodbye and sit down," in three pitches. Nasty stuff, Aut.

The win brought his record in Burlington to 2-2 and 4-5 overall in professional baseball. Adjusting to the bats on the next level is a serious task for pitchers out of college, so the progress must be taken with patience. His 4.55 ERA is better than it was with the Owlz, which is exactly the progress that got him called up in the first place (full minor league stats here).

Austin's father, Tony, is one of the most underrated pitching coaches in all of collegiate baseball. The skipper of the Ragin' Cajuns groomed his son well, and his son's coaches on the next levels can tell.

After going at least five innings in four of the last five games, it's back to the grindstone for Aut. The sharpest blades are hone over time and forged in the hottest flames. The pressure will only increase as he continues to move up the ranks. One thing will be for sure, #CajunNation will be watching, and they will be proud.