(KLFY) If you have school-aged children going to school in Lafayette Parish, you know the Lafayette Parish School Board has been plagued with busing issues this school year. It's hard to believe, but since the beginning of the school year, many buses have missed their routes because thieves have stolen catalytic converters from 16 buses.

According to KLFY, Lafayette Police are looking for the person(s) involved in the catalytic converter thefts, most of which occurred on the north side of the parish.

Lafayette Parish School System (LPSS) Public Information Officer Amanda Blanco told KLFY the suspect(s) have targeted several of the overnight parking lots where buses are parked until the next school day.

According to Blanco, most of the catalytic converters have been stolen from buses parked in the I-49 lot near the Jockey Lot, the Carencro High lot and the overnight lot at Evangeline Elementary School.

LPSS will eventually have all 16 stolen catalytic converters replaced on all of the downed buses. Until that time, bus routes will be affected around the parish. Until the repairs are made, parents are urged to make arrangements.

The cost of the repairs will cost LPSS a whopping estimated $50,000.


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