Would you try the Chocolate Whopper from Burger King?

The Burger King Deutschland YouTube channel posted this video today of the making of the Chocolate Whopper. Now, one could assume that since we're only a few days away from April Fool's Day, that this is a hoax. Or maybe they just want to see what the public's reaction is going to be.

If the reaction is good, then they go ahead with it. If it's bad, then they say it was an April Fool's joke. Pretty clever either way if you ask me.

The real question lies in if you would try one of these things.

It has a chocolate cake bun, Flame grilled patty covered in melted chocolate, raspberry syrup (instead of ketchup), white chocolate covered onion rings, candied blood oranges (instead of tomatoes), milk chocolate leaves (replacing lettuce), and vanilla frosting (in place of mayo).

At the end of the "commercial", a voice says, "Coming soon...maybe."

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