Breaux Bridge used to be a charming place that was unique to Louisiana.

As a matter of fact, Breaux Bridge, LA was recently named one of the most charming towns in the country—but the exclusivity to Louisiana changed back in 2018 when a restaurant named Breaux Bridge decided to open its doors in Mississippi.

You may or may not remember this story where we announced that a restaurant named Breaux Bridge was opening in Columbus, MS.

But as I was driving through Mississippi recently, I realized they have opened a second location over an hour away in Meridian, MS.

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Google Maps

This means that there are officially more Breaux Bridges in Mississippi than Louisiana and there is definitely a part of me that wonders how "Cajun" this food tastes.

According to the press release when Breaux Bridge opened, the restaurant wanted to pay homage to Breaux Bridge, LA for its "rich Cajun history" but also "bridge" the Asian cooking style with fusion dishes.

In 1959, the Louisiana Legislature named the town of Breaux Bridge, Louisiana, the crawfish capital of the world. While we will be serving menu items other than crawfish, we felt this name embodied the story we wanted for our restaurant as we pay homage to a place with a rich Cajun history and ‘bridge’ the Asian cooking style used in preparing some of the dishes.

I think that anytime we see the word "Cajun" outside of Louisiana (Hell, outside of Acadiana if we're being honest) we tend to get a bit skeptical.

But, if this restaurant named Breaux Bridge has opened a second location since originally opening in 2018, it must be good for someone, right?

Especially considering the pandemic years, it seems like Breaux Bridge is chugging along nicely as they recently celebrated their 4th birthday—but I'll have to stop in and visit before truly comparing it to the actual Breaux Bridge.

Have you tried it yet? Has anyone you know dined in? If so, drop all your hot takes and if you're ever in Meridian or Columbus, Mississippi, be sure to give it a try.

But we all know where the real crawfish capital of the world is located—and that is still the original Breaux Bridge, LA.


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