In a world filled with negative and sad news, the feel-good stories hit way differently and seem much more impactful.

Meet 11-year-old Jude Kofie from Aurora, Colorado. He is something special, and he recently received the gift of a lifetime from a complete stranger.

See, Jude is a special boy because he seemingly plays piano like something of a prodigy....except he has never taken a piano lesson a day in his life.

Jude found his dad's keyboards downstairs one day. He started playing melodies and songs, while his dad was upstairs. Jude's dad, Isaiah, says he grabbed his phone and started recording Jude play like he had been playing for years and posted it to YouTube.

He is also autistic, but that is not stopping him in any way.

As with everything on the internet, word and video travel fast. A local piano tuner named Bill Magnussen saw and read about Jude and his miraculous talent when it comes to piano playing.

Bill knew he had to do something, as Jude's parents were immigrants from Ghana and were still sending money back to their home country while taking care of 4 children of their own.

This gift would be a gift of a lifetime for the Kofie family...and Jude in particular.

Bill gifted Jude a $15,000 piano so he can keep practicing and "to not waste his gift"

Bill had never met Jude or his family before but he felt compelled to encourage this gift and talent like no other. The piano was purchased with Bill's inheritance money, and while the piano was bought for $15,000 -- it's valued at around $45,000.

The pure innocence and generosity of both parties involved in this are mind-blowing. There are still good and heartwarming moments in this world. They come in all types of stories and in all types of people.

Keep playing, Jude. The world needs your talent and good heart.

Ben, thank you for passing on your kindness when it wasn't asked of you.

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