A group of people are riding their dirt bikes through the jungle, and one of them damn near hits a mysterious humanoid creature!

As the group is riding, you see one of the bikes along with it's rider fall to the ground. Just to the right of wear the person crashed, you see an naked alien-looking humanoid creature looking at the group. It's almost as if the crasher spotted the creature, and wiped out.

That's when this nekkid thing takes off running! I can't tell if one of the bikes makes a noise after this, or if it's the creature that makes a high pitched, kind of horn sound.

So, of course, one of the riders takes off after it. You get a little better look at this thing as it rounds a corner, and then a little bit more on a straight away until it jumps into some brush, and disappears.

What the hell could this thing possibly be?

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