Whether you spell it Muffuletta, Muffalata, or Muffelata, you don't have to go to New Orleans to get a good one.

The Facebook Group, Foodies of Lafayette, recently posted the question that inspired the title of this story: Anywhere in town for a good Muffalata?

Well, I took a look at the replies and decided to put together this list for you.

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via Foodies of Lafayette Facebook
via Foodies of Lafayette Facebook

With over 50 comments, I figured that there would be a nice list of places that stack up a good Muffalata.

What is a Muffalata?

For those not in the know (where have you been??), a Muffalatta is an Italian sandwich that got its start 2 hours east of here.

According to Wikipedia, the Muffaletta was created at Central Grocery in New Orleans by Italian Immigrants, back in 1906.

The Muffuletta is both a sandwich AND the bread that it is served upon. Each sandwich (which is just slightly larger than my head) is loaded with ham, salami, mortadella (an Italian sausage), 2 different kinds of cheese, and a healthy heaping of olive salad.

So, where is the best Muffalata in Lafayette? Let's get to the absolutely non-scientific list we pulled from the poll on Foodies of Lafayette's Facebook page.

Where is the best Muffalata in Lafayette? Cedar Deli, obv!

via Cedar Deli Facebook
via Cedar Deli Facebook

Hands down, the #1 place that YOU recommended to find the best Muffaletta in Lafayette was Cedar Deli on Jefferson Street.

What started as a grocery store that sold sandwiches has turned into something that can be considered a hidden gem in Lafayette. Cedar Deli, as they are now known, stacks up one of the best Muffalettas in Lafayette


Submitted Photo
Submitted Photo

It stands to reason that a pizza place would have a decent Muffulata, and a few pizza places made the list.

Dean-O's Pizza received the most recognition of the pizza places mentioned in the poll.

Submitted Photo
Submitted Photo

The restaurant's website describes their Muffalata:

Ham, salami, mayo, and cheese on a fresh-baked bun topped with our own Italian relish.

Sounds like a Muffalata to me!

You can find Dean-O's at their original location on Bertrand Drive and their Southside location on Kaliste Saloom.

Pizza Village

Submitted Photo
Submitted Photo

If Dean-O's was on the list, you just knew that Pizza Village would be there, too.

Pizza Village, with 2 locations (original on Moss Street, Southside in Kaliste Saloom), describes its Muffalata in the most simple terms:

Ham, Salami, Cheese, Olive Dressing

Of course, that's going to come on the bread that gave the sandwich its name.

Kelvin's in Abbeville

Who? Where?

Kelvin's in Abbeville is a neat little place on the "main" downtown drag, South State Street.

Submitted photo
Submitted photo

A converted appliance store, the restaurant features a great little menu and, in the evenings, frequently features live music.

A great place to have a delicious Muffalata and catch a great show!


  • BJ's Pizza in Lafayette
  • Chris's Poboys
  • Champagne's
  • Jason's Deli
  • Acadiana Poboys
  • JJ's in Broussard
  • BJ's in Broussard
  • Uncle T's in Scott
  • La Pizzeria
  • Joey's
  • Albertson's

So, which is your favorite? Did we miss any?

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