Amid all the reports and rumors about a classic Guns N' Roses reunion, Axl Rose has remained silent -- until now. The frontman addressed the reports with a humorous tweet to ring in the new year, but all he would really confirm is his "love of Taco Bell."

The rumors have been going on all year, ever since Slash confirmed in an interview that he and Axl are on friendly terms again. Things heated up even more when guitarists DJ Ashba and Bumblefoot revealed they were no longer in Guns N' Roses. Finally, a Billboard report earlier this week that GN'R, complete with Axl Rose and Slash, would headline Coachella 2016 really sent fans into a frenzy.

While silly in nature, Rose's new tweet is his first acknowledgement of the reports and rumors that have been flying around for month. He is expected to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live! next week, where the belief is he'll make some sort of big announcement regarding the classic reunion. In the meantime, check out his tweet below:

If nothing else, looks like Taco Bell has a new spokesman if they want one! Stay tuned for all the latest developments on Guns N' Roses.

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