It looks like the Saints are looking to get a little help at the wide receiver position.

Numerous (credible) sources are reporting that controversial NFL receiver Antonio Brown is working out for the New Orleans Saints this morning. Brown seemed to confirm the reports with an Instagram story posted from inside the Saints locker room.

Outside of his constant controversy Brown has been one of the most prolific receivers of the past decade in the NFL but his 2019 has been nothing short of a trainwreck. After forcing his way out of Pittsburgh he made his way to the west coast to play for the Raiders.

His time in Oakland was very brief and completely swarmed with drama. He was suspended, then subsequently released after getting into a spat with GM Mike Mayock before he even had the chance to appear in one game.

Brown then signed with the Patriots and played in one game. He caught four passes for 56 yards and a touchdown. Drama would soon follow him to New England after a story broke detailing multiple allegations of sexual misconduct. He was released and hasn't played an NFL game since.

The receiver is currently being investigated and multiple questions surround his eligibility, so even though the Saints are working him out he may not even be able to play depending on what the NFL decides to do about his alleged conduct.

For what it's worth, the Saints are working out a group of other wide receivers today in addition to Brown.

Story developing...

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