Our ‘Crush of the Day,’ Anjeanette Carter, is pretty damn funny. Exhibit A is her Twitter account.

She is a popular blogger, a regular contributer to Nerdist.com and tweeter from Los Angeles and is rapidly gaining recognition due to her sarcastic and witty tweets. You may have also seen her in a variety of commercials and small roles in bad indie flicks.

Anjeanette was nice enough to talk to us about a lot of random stuff. She didn’t have to answer when we knocked on her bedroom window, but she did,

GuySpeed: Your Twitter account is hilarious. Do you ‘plan out’ tweets or do they just come to you and you let fly?

Anjeanette Carter: Half of the time I’ll be inspired by a moment I’m having or something I see, and 30 seconds later I’ll have a great tweet. The other half is me writing down random ideas and re-tooling them until they make me laugh.

GuySpeed: Ever say something on Twitter you later regretted?

Anjeanette Carter: Of course! I always delete something if I find it too offensive after the fact. Or if I later decide it sucks. Don’t you hate when people say they have no regrets? Life is full of regret.

GuySpeed: I don’t think I’m out of line saying you’re attractive. Is it harder to be taken seriously as a writer, comedian, wise ass when you’re good looking?

Anjeanette Carter: I write penis jokes. I’m obviously not too concerned about being taken seriously. But truthfully, everyone is a package deal. The same thing that holds you back today can propel you forward tomorrow.


GuySpeed: If you could rewrite history and claim to have invented,wrote or did something that someone else did, what would it be and why? Example — claim to have invented the radio, or cheese in a can.

Anjeanette Carter: I would love to have invented the Snuggie. Not only could I retire, but I would be responsible for making millions of people comfortable AND ridiculous looking at the same time. Win win!

GuySpeed: If you had a Wikipedia page, but it could only have one sentence describing you, what would it say?

Anjeanette Carter: “Anjeanette Carter is an American worshipper of cheese and bread and is currently involved in a love/hate relationship with her gym.”


GuySpeed: F, Marry, Kill — Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn?

Anjeanette Carter: I’d have sex with Twitter, take Facebook home to momma and kill LinkedIn. I don’t even have a LinkedIn profile.

Follow Anjeanette Carter on Twitter and check out her blog here.

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