Will the Cajun John Wayne triumph over one of the most well-known figures in our state? That's what will be decided on December 10th when voters in Louisiana return to the polls to cast their ballot in the runoff election to see who will be taking Charles Boustany's place in Washington.

Clay Higgins who became known through his Crime Stoppers television segments will take on Public Service Commissioner Scott Angelle in a race that many observers thought Angelle might win outright on November 8th.

Obviously, the voters saw the race differently than the pollsters did. Many of the political pundits thought that Angelle's notoriety across the state and the district really put his campaign head and shoulders above all of the other candidates in the race for the 3rd District Seat.

He’s been around for so long and appeared to be so strong and had so much money, and then to stumble to this 28% preference in the first round seemed very weak for him.

The words of Pearson Cross, a University of Louisiana at Lafayette Political Science Professor. Dr. Cross spoke to the Louisiana Radio Network about the race.

Why does Cross think Higgins, a man who has never held political office, did so well against Angelle and the rest of the field? It could be the fact that Higgins is not known as a politician.

He’s the antitheses of such a thing, and it could be that this is the year that people say ‘We’re really tired of politics. We want some people who aren’t politicians.

It will be an interesting race for sure.



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