Evanescence will wrap up their headlining run on the 2012 Carnival of Madness tour tonight (Sept. 2) in Buffalo, N.Y. In an interview conducted at the Atlantic City, N.J. stop earlier in the run, Amy Lee and the band talk about the influence of relationships on their writing, working together as a cohesive unit, stage clothes and even pigtails.

When asked about writing largely about relationships through her lyrics, Lee promptly replied, “Well who doesn’t?” She continued, “I feel like for me the lyric writing really comes from just what’s going on in my heart and that’s what consumes me think a lot of our heart is relationships. Not just with boyfriend or girlfriend but all your relationships in your life with other people and our interactions with other humans.”

She continued to talk about the lyrics, saying, “I feel like a big theme in our music at the bottom of things, and I’m constantly working through, and getting to, is about how we’re all actually a lot alike.” Lee gets to see this night after night on tour, explaining, “We go and tour the world and play all these places and we can see people from all walks of life and all over the world come together and be unified about a piece of music, it’s just really cool. Its people just sort of pouring their hearts out together, I think that’s a really special thing.”

On what drove the sound on the band’s latest self-titled disc, Lee largely credits the band. “The influence of the new cd was the band’s line up, it was a full collaboration,” Lee shared. “On this record everyone brought stuff to the table and I think we had a lot of different types of writing sessions and I think one of the most important systems that we had that was different about this record was all of us getting together as a group and jamming like a live band, which is what we are, what this lineup started as so for us to come together and apply that to new music and creativity and a new album really just, I don’t know it snowballed into something cool.”

When it came to some fan submitted questions, the first one on tap was: Can you put your hair in pigtails? Lee humored the question, answering, “I can, I’m sure there’s pictures of it. I use to do a lot more funky stuff on stage when I was a little younger. I’ve gotten to where my hair is like my onstage prop, I need to hide behind it and throw it around – it’s my slo-mo effect.”

Another point of interest among fans is where Lee finds the funky clothes she sports onstage. “I design a lot of things that I wear onstage but I’m always looking for unique stuff,” said Lee. “I like creative things so anything I can find at a secondhand costume shop to a Helmut Lang store, it doesn’t matter – just unique stuff.”

As Carnival of Madness wraps, Evanescence will be heading to South America in October for several tour dates, visit their official website for all the details.

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