Amanda Ripley's in for a wild ride as she tries to survive in Alien: Isolation. Certainly takes after her mom, don't you think?

The launch trailer for Creative Assembly's Alien: Isolation starts off with a bit of '80s flair as static-infused logos lead into the setup for the action. Amanda's on a bid to find out the truth about what happened to her mother when she gets stuck on a decommissioned space station with her crew. While the station itself is already in a state of disrepair, things go from bad to worse when Amanda learns that there are dangers aboard that mirror her mother's own experiences; dangers of the Xenomorph variety.

Check out the intensity aboard the Sevastapol space station as Amanda tries to find out what happened to her mother while trying to survive against the Xenomorphic menace that stalks her and her crew.

No lie. You're probably going to see some pretty messed up deaths. 

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