All week long Gibson will be counting down the top 50 albums of the 90's. I'm glad to see that rock bands like Alice In Chains and the Foo Fighters have made the cut so far.


Yesterday began the countdown by revealing #50 through #41 which included the likes of AC/DC and Nirvana. Today they rolled on, revealing #40 through #31 which included Alice In Chains and Foo Fighters.  They will continue to reveal 10 more each day for the rest of the week. Here are a few albums that made today's cut:

38. Rust in Peace, Megadeth (1990): When your name is Dave Mustaine and your résumé includes a stint in Metallica during their formative years, you must feel a lot of pressure to crank out thrash classics. All of Megadeth's prior albums bristled with legendary thrash moments but 1990's Rust in Peace took all of that promise and paid off big-time with a cohesive, savage, raw, technically brilliant, vitriolic, angry slab of pure thrash power. The band's current lineup recently celebrated Rust in Peace's 20th anniversary by playing the whole album from start to finish around the world. – Peter Hodgson

40. Dirt, Alice in Chains (1992): Alice in Chains' debut, Facelift, was unusually dark for a hard rock album of its time, but it still displayed a few residual traces of L.A. rock. All such vestiges were completely abolished on Dirt, a chilling ride through addiction, depression, loss and confrontation. It was on Dirt that the band's trademark vocal harmonies were fully established, and it firmly placed Jerry Cantrell among the guitar greats of the era. – Peter Hodgson

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