AFI have been largely out of the spotlight since their commercially disappointing but highly underrated 'Crash Love' album in 2009, but a new teaser trailer has surfaced suggesting that the band's return might not be that far off.

The video shows frontman Davey Havok, seen from the back wearing a leather jacket walking in slow motion down a long hallway toward a door as a fuzzed-out voice-over offers poetic prose about a wind that awakens the spiteful trees that stir the gale inside. As Havok reached the end of the hallway, he opens a door to a dimly lit stage where his bandmates are waiting and with the click of a count-off from drummer Adam Carson, a muted performance begins.

The trailer concludes with the lettering, "A Fire Inside," followed by the tease "September 2013." It is not known if the date signifies the live return of the band or the release of a new single or album. But, at least, AFI fans have something to look forward to as the band have enjoyed a lengthy break.

It's not as though AFI's members have completely been relaxing though, as Havok and guitarist Jade Puget released the second album from Blaqk Audio, titled 'Bright Black Heaven,' last fall. In addition, Havok has also spent some of the downtime from AFI writing his first book, 'Pop Kids,' through Black Candy Publishing. The novel is currently available here.

Watch AFI's New Video Teaser

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