It was early 2013 when we learned that Adam Gontier was exiting Three Days Grace after a decade generating hit after hit with the Canadian rock band. The announcement came as a bit of a surprise and did come with a bit of drama as the remaining band members offered insight into the exit and Gontier became critical of the band's creative direction. But time heals as we learned during a recent chat with Gontier about his current band Saint Asonia.

In the exclusive video above, we get Gontier's take on what led to his exit from Three Days Grace and he reveals that creative differences played a big role. He explains, "I was starting to just enjoy not playing music as much at that point and that's when I realized I needed to take a good look at myself and change what I was doing." He adds that Saint Asonia's single "Better Place" offers a little more insight on his thoughts on how things played out.

As for his former band continuing on without him, Gontier says, "There's no resentment whatsoever." But does he still communicate with his old Three Days Grace bandmates? Find out in the exclusive video interview above.

After Gontier's exit, the band called upon Brad Walst's brother Matt, who also fronts My Darkest Days, to sub in for their scheduled tour dates. Eventually Walst was invited to join the group and with the new vocalist at the helm, the band continued their string of hit songs with tracks like "Painkiller," "I Am Machine," "Human Race" and "Fallen Angel" all doing well at radio.

As for Gontier, he's now part of Saint Asonia with Staind's Mike Mushok, Dark New Day's Corey Lowery and former Finger Eleven drummer Rich Beddoe. The group is off to a solid start with their current hit single "Better Place" from their self-titled debut disc. The album is available via Amazon and iTunes. See Saint Asonia's upcoming tour dates here.

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