Our brothers over at Ultimate Classic Rock are overflowing with awesome AC/DC exclusives. Along with sharing their real life 'Spinal Tap' moment and countering Gene Simmons' "rock is finally dead" claim, guitarist Angus Young and vocalist Brian Johnson have spoken in-depth about the band's most successful release, 'Back in Black.'

'Back in Black' was Johnson's first album with AC/DC, and the singer was given the monumental task of replacing the late and legendary Bon Scott. “It was kind of a go-for-broke,” says Young. “We really didn’t know if the people who knew AC/DC would accept this. Would they accept Brian? It was a lot of pressure on him. But I think we wanted to make it all happen.”

Johnson adds, “It was a force of nature, that thing. It really was.”

Check out the full video of the duo talking 'Back in Black' above and keep your eyes open for more AC/DC clips!

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