Around 7:30 this morning, the Lafayette Fire Department was called out to Legends Lounge at 3734 West Pinhook after a report came in about smoke seen coming from the building.

Lafayette Fire Department Spokesman Alton Trahan says an employee at Evangeline Veterinary Clinic called 911 after seeing smoke coming from the lounge.

Firefighters responded to the scene to find heavy smoke coming from the back of the building.  They found a fire in the storage area of the business, and it took about 15 minutes for firefighters to bring the blaze under control.

Trahan says the fire caused heave smoke and fire damage.

The owner of the business, Jared Doise, told fire officials he closed the business around midnight last night.

He says he was notified about the fire by his alarm company and a neighboring business.

Fire investigators have determined the fire started in the storage area near the back of the building where there were bags of washed and dried towels.  They were laundered last night, and officials say spontaneous heating was the cause of the fire.

The fire was ruled accidental.

Fire officials caution business owners who launder any oily and/or greasy towels to wash them well to remove as much of the combustible oils as possible.

They also suggest that you not store those items in a sealed container or bag after removing them from the dryer. They say it's important to allow towels to cool down before storing them in an vented area or container.

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