A well-known jockey from Acadiana was arrested following an investigation by the Louisiana State Police's Gaming division.

State Police officials say that 55-year-old Gerard Melancon of Scott was arrested for "unlawful stimulation of horses" (LA RS 4:175.D). He was then booked into the St. Landry Parish Jail.

Section D of the law states the following,

"No person shall administer or apply or cause to be administered or applied to any horse which has been entered in any race, or have in his possession with the confines of a racetrack of racetrack stables, sheds, or building on racetrack grounds where horsed are kept which are eligible to race over a racetrack of any racing association of licensee, any electric battery or other apparatus, which might have the effect of unnaturally depressing, stimulating, or exciting any horse during any race."

According to the Paulick Report, Melancon was released after posting bail on a $20,000 bond. Melancon spoke to Ray Paulick with the Paulick Report saying, "...I am 100% innocent and overwhelmingly confident the truth will prevail in this matter."

Melancon resumed racing on August 27.

According to officials, someone complained to the State Police's Gaming Division about something observed. No other information is available about the allegations. While the arrest happened on August 26, no court date has been set as the case has been turned over to the District Attorney's Office.

Melancon is an accomplished jockey having more than 5,000 wins under his belt.

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