The calendar said Fall began a few weeks ago. According to my thermometer and the abundance of large numbers displayed upon it that was determined to be a lie. So, when does the Fall season actually begin for you?

For a lot of us, it's when we feel the need to contemplate wearing a jacket or we can walk to the mailbox without soaking our shirts in sweat. That "magic moment" where we actually transition from the heat of summer to the not so hot days of Autumn could arrive as early as next week.

Rob Perillo of KATC has a featured piece on their website depicting a "cool front" passing through Acadiana as early as next Monday. This forecast seems to be corroborated by the AccuWeather long-range projections and the Weather Channels extended forecast. 

Will it actually get cold enough to be declared gumbo weather? If you like gumbo it will be. If we are being honest, most of the forecasts simply indicate Acadiana temperatures will be closer to normal during this forecast cool spell. Our temperatures are running about five or six degrees above the seasonal normals right now, so a return to "normal" will feel cooler.

Regardless, the end of the week and the weekend might bring some showers and the first of next week might bring us all outside where the newly invigorated mosquitoes can have one last chance to bite us before we cover up in long pants, long sleeves, and those trendy vests that all the college girls wear when they go to get coffee.

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