If you could pick one thing off of this list for Christmas, what would it be?

It's crazy to see how far we've come in such a short time. It's also strange to see some of these things and remember them so vividly.

This Best Buy ad from July 1994 sure does take me back. To think, a little over 20 years ago we were still using VCRs. Now, we can turn our TV on and watch a movie via the internet.

We don't really need camcorders anymore, as everyone has video capabilities right from their phone. Speaking of phones...check out that mac daddy Zack Morris phone that's FREE with activation!

You see Walkmans in there, the Street Fighter II ad, and look at the music selection! The Crow soundtrack, The Lion King soundtrack, that Warren G. CD that was the hit of the summer.

Check it out in its entirety here:

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