How often do you find yourself reminiscing on your childhood realizing just how different things are for kids today?

I see all of the new toys and gadgets kids have these days and find myself saying, "Man, we surely didn't have cool stuff like this when I was a kid." I will say that I grew up in one of the most interesting decades, the 90s.

The Facebook rabbit hole struck again, and I came across a great throwback page for kids of the 90s. These are some of the posts that came up that will have you taking a ride in the way back machine.














If we keep going, we might end up on Ebay looking for some of these treasures.

I have no shame in admitting that my room was decked out in Barney decorations. I also used to take full advantage of my sister sleeping away from the house to use her boom box to get my fill of music I likely had no business listening to.

There could also be a chance that I'll be searching for a Super Nintendo just so much kids can see what video gaming used to look like.

What are some other 90s gems you remember fondly?

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