Most people love a good pun. Some in Louisiana have taken it to another level. They've gone and given their business a great punny name!

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    Bayou Self Car Wash

    A car wash with one hell of a name...cause you do it all yourself! The Bayou Self Car Wash is located in Walker, La.

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    The Soap Opera

    The Soap Opera is the best named laundromat in Louisiana! It's ran out of Houma, La.

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    Fleur Deli

    The Fleur Deli is located inside of a gas station in Minden, La. We're just mad cause we didn't think of this one first!

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    Nacho Mama's

    You've probably heard someone say it before, but these folks went ahead and named their restaurant after this pun! Nacho Mama's is a Mexican grill on South Clearview Parkway in New Orleans.

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    The Dew Drop Inn

    There's a lot of history at the Dew Drop Inn, which is a former hotel and nightclub. It ran between 1939-1970. It is noted as "the most important and influential club" in the development of rhythm and blues in the post-war era.

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    Legal Perks

    Some explanation might be needed on this one. This coffee shop is located on the bottom floor of a legal building often visited by many lawyers, judges, and the like. It's also across the street from the New Orleans Courthouse. Now does it make sense?

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    The Big Cheezy

    The Big Cheezy is a grilled cheese restaurant in New Orleans (obviously). Here's how it's described on their website:

    The Big Cheezy adventurously experiments with & pushes the boundaries of the classic grilled cheese. Our grilled cheese restaurant serves gourmet grilled cheezes on fresh artisan breads to bring you a new and exciting food experience every time you a share a meal with us!


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    Moon Wok

    Moon Wok is another name we wished we would have come up with first! Moon Wok is located in the French Quarter in New Orleans.

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    I just didn't think this one could be understanding is the correct pronunciation for "pho" is like "fu"...apparently this one is real, and located in Metairie, La. DON'T SAY IT OUT LOUD!