Are there any tips or tricks to winning the Lottery? According to a seven-time Lottery winner... yes, there sure are!

Oksana Kostyushko, ThinkStock
Oksana Kostyushko, ThinkStock

How to win Mega-Millions Jackpot

Richard Lustig is a seven-time lottery winner.

That's right, he's won the lottery seven times.

Lustig has learned a few things throughout the years of playing the lottery that he believes have helped him become so lucky at winning.

Honestly, who can argue that his tips don't work? I mean, he's won seven times and I've only won...well never.

Sure, the odds of winning the Mega Millions are seriously against you, but someone is going to win this jackpot eventually.

Your odds are horrible, but so are everyone else's. Below are Lustig's tips to help you get the edge and become an instant billionaire tonight!

1) Avoid Using Quick Pick - Lustig says every time you use the quick-pick method, y

2) Use The Entire Board - Most people use the numbers of birthdays and anniversaries. By doing that, it leaves a bunch of numbers no one plays.

3) Trust Your Gut - Listig says if you feel strongly about a particular set of numbers, stick with them. Even if they are birthdays of loved ones, if you feel that strongly about it, stay with it.

4) Don't Spend More Than You Can Truly Afford, But Spend As Much As You Can Afford - Great advice. Figure out what you can realistically spend on lottery tickets and stay within that budget. Don't spend bill money on lottery tickets hoping to dig yourself out of a financial hole. That being said, the more tickets you buy the more you increase your odds, so buy as many as you can comfortably afford.

5) Understand The Odds - This one sort of goes with the tip above. Sure, if you play 100 tickets your odds are better than if you play 10, but only play as many as you can realistically afford.

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