We all do things that can be annoying to others. Most of us recognize when we are being annoying and we learn to curtail certain behaviors until we are alone. Then there's "that guy" or it could be "that girl" at the office that seems likable enough but for some reason never gets invited to go to lunch with everyone else. It's true there are many ways we can annoy our co-workers, here are five you might not be aware that you are doing.

  • Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for Bond No. 9
    Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for Bond No. 9

    You Have An Air About You

    I didn't want to come out and say you stink because that wouldn't be exactly true. Sometimes the air is more of an overabundance of cologne, perfume, or bug killer. It's whatever you put on your body before you left the house. We know when you're coming a full thirty seconds before you get there because the air currents in the building carry your scent faster than you can walk. If you think you have on too much cologne or you need to wash more then you probably do.

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    Staff Photo

    You're The Reason No One Can Hear On The Conference Call

    You might be able to multitask. Perhaps you are able to listen on a conference call, type an email, run a power saw, and learn German. The problem is that all your extra noise makes the unpleasantness of a conference call that much more unpleasant. Save those tasks for another time or learn to work the mute feature on your phone. No one wants to actually be on a conference call, You make it hell times two with your insensitive actions.

  • mackenzienicole, Getty Images
    mackenzienicole, Getty Images

    Keep Your Hands To Yourself

    There is a reason it is called personal space. Most of us don't want to be touched by those we work with. We like our co-workers at arms length. It's more comfortable that way. Certainly some offices and some co-workers are close enough for a pat on the back, a hug, or even a passionate kiss by the microwave. Most of us aren't that close. Quite often a head nod, a smile, a wave, or even a pleasant grunt will do fine when it come to acknowledging our presence.

  • Artsem Martysiuk, ThinkStock
    Artsem Martysiuk, ThinkStock

    You Don't Have A Mute Button

    The best thing about a great working relationship is almost everybody understands that "work" is the primary focus of that relationship. A few kind words, a funny anecdote , even some friendly small talk is tolerated. However, if you've got a report that needs to be done, or an e-mail that needs to be sent, or a letter of resignation to write, you don't have time for idle chit-chat. Want to know if you're being a chatty Kathy? Look at your listeners body language. If they keep glancing at their computer screen or continue to type while your talk, they are busy.

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    You Are Just Gross

    If you're that person that always has a cough that's worse than a British orphan in a Christmas movie, or you're constantly bringing your hand to your nose for maintenance, or you never seem to get your man parts adjusted just right, then you bother people with those actions. It's just not to handle washroom business in great wide open of the office. We're sorry you have a cough. We're sorry your nose is a gold mine of treasure. We're sorry you're underpants weren't built to accommodate your birthright.  What's even worse we're sorry we are exposed to your gross actions. 

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