Every year there is the hot toy for Christmas. The toy, the gift,the present that every kid wants and every parent fears won't be in stock. My kids are older so these are truly the ghosts of my Christmas past. I was wondering if you remember trying to find these to put under your tree.

  • 1

    The Wii

    When this video game system came out we were on Wii watch at our house. I think Jill,my wife,had our name on six or seven store please call when available lists. This is actually one toy that lived up to the hype. I still play Wii Bowling and without the Wii I don't think we could watch Netflix. By the way, we did successfully find a Wii for under the tree.

    butterscotchcom via YouTube
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    Rumble Robots

    These battery powered remote controlled robot fighters were all the rage for my son Jack one year. If you remember Rock 'em Sock em Robots of the 60's and 70's just imagine that kind of riveting action done by remote control. The problem we had was this. We could find only one kind robot. We couldn't very well have the same robot fight itself. Eventually we did find a different character so Christmas was saved after all.

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    Nintendo DS

    This was the evolution of the Gameboy. To me it looked like a little bitty laptop computer. However, to my son Jack, it was his constant companion. He might still play games on the "DS" today. These things were like trying to find nuggets of gold in a parking lot. We eventually did find one that Jack promptly lost. Fortunately it was found and returned by a friend.

    nesboy654 via YouTube
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    Polly Pocket Splash N Slide Waterpark

    I am convinced that Polly Pocket was conceived in hell. Not only was this toy hard to find. Once you found the darn toy and put it in your house all of the little bitty wee tiny piece parts would get lost, get stuck in noses, or burn up your vacuum cleaner. We did find the toy in time for Christmas Day but not without much heartache and anxiety. Of course, we had more anxiety after Anna, my daughter, managed to distribute the toys tiny pieces throughout her room.

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    Yu-Gi-Oh Cards

    Yu-Gi-Oh is one of those Japanese battle card games. Each card possesses certain powers and having the right kind of cards in your deck means you can defeat your opponent. The really big time cards didn't come in the packs of cards you could buy at the store. You had to know somebody in Japan personally to get those cards. So, Jill made a friend in Japan and the Egyptian god cards and five pieces of Exodia found their way to our house for Christmas.