At sometime between now and June a member of your family will be tasked with removing the holiday lights from your home. Removing holiday lights is a  heck of a lot more festive and fun that putting the darn things up. That's because putting lights up requires patience, planning, and a ladder. Taking holiday lights down usually can be done with one hand while drinking a beer.

If we are being truly transparent, holiday lights have gotten so inexpensive they are almost disposable. At our house I just rip the darn things down and then go buy new ones during the after Christmas sales. When I say "I" I actually mean my wife will go buy new lights. I throw them away hoping they won't be back the following year. I am a Scrooge. I am aware. Thank you for telling me.

One of the bigger issues with putting up holiday lights is untangling them. The reason they get tangled is most of us just wad them up and throw them in a storage box. Oddly enough a little time taken when you storing them will save you loads of time when it's time to decorate for the holidays next time.

Here are four simple ways that you can take the tension and frustration out of holiday lighting by  simply storing your holiday lights a better way.

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