In today's episode of "Terryn is interested in really random topics," we are talking life hacks of TikTok. Welcome to the class!

If you are familiar with the TikTok app, you will know what the "For You" page is. You have also likely been sucked into a 3-hour rabbit hole of scrolling. If you aren't familiar, think of it like your feed on Facebook except it's random users, not people you follow. This means that you could end up watching a funny cat video or Walker Hayes and his daughter dancing to one of his country tunes.

What sent me down my most recent rabbit hole you ask? Well, life hacks. I wanted to share every one I found with you, but I knew you would be reading for the next week. So I decided to break them down and give you a few at a time.

Let's start with food hacks.

1. Avocado Seeds

I love me some avocadoes, but boy are they a pest to prep. This one is definitely a must try. Important note: a few other videos proved that this hack doesn't work well with ripe avocadoes. You will likely end up with a pile of green mush.

2. Egg Drop

This could be a really fun experiment or a not so fun clean up. But there are quite a few videos that prove that this hack works. If you decide to give it a try, make sure to video and share the love.

3. Lettuce stem

Did you know this was even a thing? I thought this would just be a pain in my rear forever. Mind = blown!

4. Mango...seed?

This is the one! I'm fairly certain I stopped buying whole mangoes simple because they are so dang hard to cut up. This hack looks like a serious game changer.

Now there are a few questions left to ask:

How are there so many tricks that could make adulting so much easier?

Why did no one bother to share with the rest of the group?

If you know of any other great life hacks feel free to share! If you decide to give any of these hacks a try, share the evidence. Remember, if you don't video it, it never happened. Now to decide what "category" to go with next.

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