Dylan Miller bought a Rubik's Cube at a garage sale about 2 year ago. After about 6 months of it collecting dust, he picked it up, and hasn't put it back down again.

Dylan's best time with solving a scrambled cube is 6.47 seconds. He solves the puzzle so often in under 10 seconds that he plans on making that his average time.

So, how does one get that good at solving a Rubik's Cube?

“What I do is I plan out my first maybe six to 10 moves … and that gives me time to look around at the rest,” Dylan said. “Whenever I’m solving it, you don’t want to pause. That’s really what makes you good. You want to consistently look ahead during your solve. You don’t want to be focusing on what you’re doing. You want to be focusing on what’s ahead of you. That, and turning fast is what makes you fast.”

Dylan is currently ranked 183rd nationally in the 3-by-3 cube, and 264th in the world for his average time solving the 2-by-2 version, and 56th nationally.

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