If you ask us, there are two things that will never, ever go out of style: zombies and babes. Better yet, just combine the two. What can we say; there's something about bloody women in bikinis that just gets us going.

Unfortunately zombie babes are pretty hard to land, and we're guessing that they're even harder to keep. Since you can't bag one very easily, we have another solution: pin up those dead ladies walkin' right on your wall with a zombie babe calendar.

It's part of a South African promotional stint for the hit show 'The Walking Dead,' which we also love, so this whole thing is a three-for-three victory, as far as we're concerned.

Honestly, we'd rather date a chick who is alive, but man, do these ladies look smokin'. It doesn't hurt that they're hanging out on a beach, wearing barely-there bathing suits, while we're sitting in an office with sleet on our boots. Anyone know how to trigge the zombie babe apocalypse?



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