The legendary Zakk Wylde has his own new line of guitars under his Wylde Audio brand, and the veteran axeman invited Loudwire to his recent autograph session at Guitar Center in New York City to show off his "fiddles."

While we expected Zakk to give us a quick rundown of the specs for each of his new guitars, he ended up taking the behind-the-scenes look at the instruments in another direction. First, he let us know that the wood used on his guitars is farmed from "organically steroid-fed trees" and added, "For the ladies, it will give you some extra labia-quivering power."

From there, things only got weirder. While showing off the Viking V model, Zakk told us how to use the instrument as a weapon if you find yourself in a very bizarre and compromising scenario. There's no use in us explaining it, as you'll have to watch the video above to get the tutorial directly from Zakk himself.

Wylde Audio guitars are available in several models, including the Viking V, the Odin, the Warhammer and more. To check out the full line, visit Wylde Audio's official site or pick up one of the axes at Guitar Center. In the meantime, learn the fun (and dangerous) ways you can use the guitars in the video above.

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