If you think Zack Snyder’s on the outs after the critical shellacking and box-office underperformance of this spring’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, then think again. For one, Bats v Supes (as we showbiz types call it) still made an unholy crap ton of money, and moreover, Snyder has another prospective mega-blockbuster coming down the pike in the form of April’s Justice League. Snyder’s pretty much unstoppable, in the same way that a mudslide or water cyclone is unstoppable. And now he’s struck again, this time with a faux trailer that mashes up his own Batman v Superman with elements of the Star Wars series.

A continuation of a long-running joke between himself and The Force Awakens director J.J. Abrams, Snyder has smushed together lightsabers and batarangs for the clip he’s titled Dark Side Knight v Superjedi: Dawn of the Alliance. The clip, which Snyder posted on the social media app Vero and has since made it's way onto YouTube, places X-wing fighters above the skies of Gotham, splices Superman into a scene with Stormtroopers, and most commendably, arms both Superman and Batman with lightsabers. One might wonder, what use are lightsabers to someone like Superman, who is infinitely powerful, or Batman, who probably would have already invented such a thing if he wasn’t busy sleeping with heiresses? But to ponder such a thing is to forget that you have chosen to watch a mashup video cut together in Snyder’s free time.

Altogether, it’s an incoherent barrage of portentous imagery, drawing from comic book icons and fan mythology but ultimately amounting to little of substance. That is to say, a Zack Snyder production.

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