Zach Miller suffered a devastating leg injury during the Chicago Bears vs Saints game. He's now spoken about the injury, as well as his inspirations moving forward.

There were arterial damages, and a lot of medical words that are hard for a layperson to understand. The fact of the matter is the injury that Miller suffered could have cost him his leg.

In the video, he talks about the injury, how calm he was even though he knew something was wrong, and begging the doctor to save his leg.

He also talks about a 16-year-old kid that had a similar injury that didn't have the fast care that he received and is waiting to have his leg amputated. That young man gives an NFL tight end inspiration. Very powerful stuff.

He also talks about how his wife has stepped up to take care of, not only their kids, but him as well as he's going through the process of getting healthy.

The son of the principal owner of the Chicago Bears, George McCaskey, went above and beyond for his player. He stayed for multiple days in New Orleans while Miller was in ICU there. Then flew back to Chicago for a couple of days, and flew back. That's true leadership and caring for your people, and gives me a new found respect for the Bears organization.

Even though the play was called a dropped pass, I still say he caught that ball. And George McCaskey gave him that ball, which now serves as more inspiration for Miller.

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