I hope I am just being pessimistic in my observations but I do believe what we are seeing in one Louisiana community we will likely be seeing in more of our state's communities as we get closer to the Spring and Summer months.

This past Friday organizers of the Dixie Youth Baseball/Softball Leagues in DeQuincy announced they would not have a league this year. The reason some 300 plus kids will go without organized baseball and softball? There are not enough volunteers to run the league, coach the games, and teach the kids.

However, Jonathon Parker, Commissioner of the League remains hopeful. Parker told KPLC television that each year the leagues sign up about 300 kids. That works out to about 30 different teams and each team needs coaches. So, you can see there is a definite need for volunteers. Which you can do by following this link.

Parker, who played Dixie Youth as a kid says it's hard to see the 76-year-old tradition come to an end, even if it's only for one season. Hopefully, publicity about the plight of the league will increase the volunteer effort and maybe, just maybe, there is a major league miracle for these little league players.

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