Last night, one of WWE’s premiere events in Summer Slam took place In Nashville. The event itself was absolutely wild as there were some instant classic moments. Many saw Logan Paul, brother of Jake Paul, fight the Miz in his first event under contract. Fans saw the return and final fight of wrestling phenom Rick Flair.

Fans were also able to catch another wrestling legend’s return in Brock Lesnar, as he would face off against Roman Reigns. Lesnar has his name attached to several professional sports. He spent a brief period of time on the Minnesota Vikings and even had a few years fighting in the UFC, but he will always be known as one of the WWE’s most entertaining stars.

Lesnar didn’t disappoint last night as he pulled out a surprising and unexpected tool to help him out against Roman Reigns. Mid way through the fight, Lesnar decided to take a tractor and lift up the entire ring and tossed Roman out. Yea, you read that right!

Unfortunately for Lesnar, the match still ended with him losing to Reigns. While Roman might have won the match, Lesnar won the hearts of the fans. After the show ended, he climbed to the top of the broken ring and enjoyed the scene of what many assume is his last fight.

I don’t know about you guys, but that was the most entertaining match I ever watched.

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