Who would've ever predicted that the WWE would not be owned by a McMahon? The corporation has transformed from the WWWF owned by Vincent J McMahon to the WWF and WWE owned by Vince McMahon. Well now the WWE is owned by the same owner as the UFC, Endeavor. Endeavor announced today that they have acquired the WWE.

Endeavor valued the WWE at a whopping 9.3 billion dollars.  Ariel Emanuel will continue his role with Endeavor as the CEO, McMahon will serve as executive chairman of the board, Mark Shapiro will be the President and Chief Operating Officer of both Endeavor and the new company, Nick Khan will serve as the president of the WWE, and finally Dana White will continue his role as president of the UFC.

Many WWE fans were confused that Triple H was left off of the announcement as the head of creative for WWE. Hopefully, he stays on as the head of creative and McMahon comes nowhere near creative. Because the WWE arguably has been the best it's been in years under Triple H.

It will be interesting to see the ramifications of this deal. Does this mean UFC stars will wrestle or wrestlers will fight in the UFC? I doubt either will happen; however, you never know with Vincent Kennedy McMahon.

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