Scientists have discovered what they are calling the world's oldest public toilet. It wasn't used by humans either! This particular toilet is over 200 million years old. Keep reading to find out more.

From Inquisitr:

Scientists concluded that the dinodontosaurus was the only species that was capable of producing that amount of dung, and the bones of the prehistoric animal were found at the site as conformation.

According to the London Telegraph, “As well as providing clues to what the animals ate, the discovery provides the earliest known example of groups of animals defecating in the same “public toilet” — a behavior exhibited today by species including horses, tapirs and elephants. By dumping their waste in the same spot, groups can not only mark out their territory but also minimize the distribution of parasites around it.”

Study leader Dr. Lucias Fiorelli noted that the dinodontosaurus public bathroom was “also a warning to predators. If you leave a huge pile, you are saying: ‘Hey! We are a big herd. Watch out!’”


Okay...the immature toilet humored part of my brain chuckled at this, but it's also awesome because SCIENCE!


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