When the World Cup finals come around on July 13, where better than to watch them at the appropriately named Parc International? That's where the viewing party is gonna be!

The World Cup is now in full swing in Brazil! By the time July 13th comes around, there will only be two teams left! Who do you think it'll be playing in the final game? When it does come around, do you have your plans on where you'll be to watch it?

Why not join every one out at Parc International in downtown Lafayette?

The Lafayette Youth Soccer Association (LYSA) is teaming up with local businesses, organizations, and media partners to broadcast the game.

It's a FREE event! The game will start at 2pm, but gates open at 11am so you can grab yourself a good seat!

"We are grateful to all our partners, and we are so excited that we can bring this event to the community. Soccer continues to grow and thrive in Lafayette, and the World Cup is the world's most popular sporting event. We are excited to bring the event to the best stage in Lafayette. We think it will be a great event for the community and to help grow the sport in Lafayette," said Michael Ritch, Executive Director of LYSA and Cajun Soccer Club.


LYSA says that it could not put on such an event without the help from Jefferson Street Pub and Carpe Diem Gelato as well as Lafayette Consolidated Government and Downtown Lafayette Authority. LYSA also said it appreciates the help from its media partners at KATC TV3, Townsquare Media, and LUS Fiber.

We'll see you guys down there!