If you're thinking of gifting an Apple Air Tag to someone for Christmas, you might want to think about it a little more.

Two women are suing Apple after their former partners used the Air Tags to track their whereabouts, potentially putting their safety at risk.

The suit says that the Air Tags were found in the wheel well of one woman's car and the other woman found the Tag in her child's backpack.

Countless issues have risen when it comes to the locator technology that wasn't made with ill intentions. I know I use the tags because I am a member of the "where's my...?" club. As with everything, if it falls into the wrong hands...it could be bad news.

The Twitter thread above is about a woman who found an Air Tag after a night out at the bar, and this was in 2021.

In fact, if you search apple air tags on Twitter or google, you'll find countless scary stories about these tags.

As far as the lawsuit the two women filed this week, the claim filed accuses Apple of negligence, design defects, and privacy violations, among other allegations.

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