You may recall that we introduced you to Samantha Ramsdell a few months back.

She is the woman with the largest mouth in the world and holds the record for it in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Now, she is a TikTok star and this is what happens when the woman with the largest mouth visits her dentist's office.

While the video may be somewhat of an exaggeration, I am sure there is some truth to this. I am almost certain many in the office want their turn to see about Samantha.

Here she is as she walks in with the largest mouth in the world! I will warn you that there is an explicative in the video that some may find offensive.


@samramsdell5 Replying to @cassidygriffin61 yes my dentist loves me 😇😂 @ecdsmiles best dentist ever!!! Dr Elke Cheung in Norwalk, CT! #dentist #bigmouth ♬ Powerful songs like action movie music - Tansa

If you need more about this woman with the largest mouth in the world, check this video out. See what all goes into her mouth, at once.

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