If she really found this in her bucket of chicken, this is gross.

Brittani Paulhamus posted a photo of her order of chicken wings on social media and in it, you can clearly see that she got more than just wings.

In the photo, there appears to be a full-size chicken head in the order of wings.

When she noticed it, she says that she immediately called the restaurant where she got the wings and she was told to call back at a later date to speak to management.

Since posting her photo of her order on social media, some have expressed their disgust with the head in the order, while others say it isn't as bad as she's making it out to be.


Look, I have seen things in my food orders in the past, but never have I received a CHICKEN HEAD in my order of chicken.

I ask, what would you have done had you seen this is your order? Would you have turned right back around and walked into the restaurant where you got the food or would you have waited till a later date to address it with management?


As you may expect, Brittani says that she won't be ordering food from Old Pizza Pizza for a while, but she did laugh at the experience of getting more than just wings with her order.

Here's the photo and the post that has gone viral.


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