We see some pretty strange things on the roads. Sometimes, it’s so unbelievable that we can’t help but take a pic or video. That’s exactly what Jocelyn Jordan did.  She shared the photo of a woman driving with a BEEHIVE in her back seat and hundreds of bees swarming around inside her car. I. WOULD. DIE. How in the world did this woman do this without crashing? I freak out over ONE bee. According to BR Proud, Jordon saw this craziness outside East Chase Mall in Montgomery, Alabama.

Some of Jodan’s comments in the Facebook post read:

She was just chatting on her phone like all was normal. I honked at her when I was behind her thinking I’d save her til I realized they were crawling all in her front seat too.


I’m shook! I almost ran off the road looking!


I understand the hives have to be transported, but surely there’s a way to keep them contained!


The woman hauling the bees may not have been fazed by the bees, but they certainly stunned everyone who saw it.

The post was sent to WKRG and the woman driving with the bees, Rachel Gomes, eventually found out about Jordan’s post. She commented under the picture Jordan posted saying, “Someone sent me the WKRG article so I had to look up this post. I am the crazy lady with the bees.”

Gomes explained in the comments of Jordan’s post why the bees were swarming in her car. She said a driver slammed on their brakes to make a turn without signaling and that caused the plug for the hive to come undone. She said after seeing what it actually looked like from the outside, it does look insane.

Jordan responded to Gomes by saying, “I can’t believe you saw this post! I’m glad you were okay and not being attacked. I’m also glad to have an explanation for it! Social media can be so funny. Glad there are people like you that take care of bees.”

Whew! I’m officially creeped out and my skin is crawling. Kuddos to the woman for handling this situation so well.

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