A Montebello, California woman brought her limited edition Indy 500 Pace Car Edition Camaro, which is bright orange, to a dealership. She spotted the vehicle on the road about an hour later.

Mari Agredano-Quirino brought her vehicle in for an oil change, and an air conditioning issue. When she spotted her rare car on the road an hour after dropping it off, she did what most anyone would do. She went after her car to see why it was out and about.

She filmed the confrontation of the mechanic, who was in a drive-thru line getting food. The driver claimed that he was taking it for a test drive. It seems, though, that he was taking it for a bit of a joy ride.

The owner of the dealership sent a video apology to the woman, and says that the mechanic/technician is being investigated.

He also offered her money off of future visits, but, once again, like any person would, she turned it down.

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