Within Temptation are gearing up for the release of their sixth studio album ‘Hydra,’ which drops Feb. 4 in North America via Nuclear Blast Entertainment. In the meantime, the single 'Dangerous' has been rocking the band's fans.

We recently chatted with frontwoman Sharon den Adel about their latest single, which features ex-Killswitch Engage singer Howard Jones. She tells us, “‘Dangerous’ is about the fact that there are dangerous people, that we want to live on the edge, the thrill of life. The only way to feel alive for these people is to live on the edge and one day things will go wrong and that’s the sacrifice they’ll have to make.”

Speaking about the corresponding video for the track, den Adel says, “The video shows base jumpers and they’re so fast, it’s cool. They’re taking risks and in a way I can understand. The thrill of things, I do understand but it’s not for everybody. [Laughs] You can take risks in different ways of course. This base jumping is not really my kind of thing but I really admire those who can jump out of airplanes.”

As far as taking risks herself, Adel explains that her family is thrill enough for her. “It’s more that I understand it, I think if I didn’t have a family I would be more like that," says the singer. "Sometimes I would like to give into it but you don’t because the sacrifice is too much. I understand why people do it but I’m always on the safe side. Maybe 20 years ago I would have thought differently about things but then I wasn’t a mom yet. [Laughs]”

Within Temptation's 'Hydra' album is available for pre-order in various packages here.

Check Out the Video for Within Temptation's 'Dangerous' Here:

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