You'll find something new from Kellogg's in your grocer's freezer aisle, it's their new Dragon Waffles. They are green and are green apple flavored. But will you buy them?

Kellogg's just made breakfast a bit odd with the company's third option in their Unicorn and Mermaid Waffles category... Dragon Waffles. You just pop the dangerous green slabs in your toaster or toaster over and in a couple of minutes breakfast is served.

But is the world ready for green dragon waffles that taste like green apple? Are you ready for green waffles? Are your kids going to eat them?

Kellogg's added Cotton Candy-flavored Unicorn Waffles and Blue Raspberry-flavored Mermaid Waffles to their breakfast lineup a few years ago. Two years later the world now has apple-flavored green waffles.

There's a little controversy over new Dragon Waffles. Some cultures (which the company explains on the box) believe that dragons are evil. Other cultures believe they are good luck.

Some people associate dragons with death and mourning and see them as a bad omen. And of course, these days, society will find something to complain about.

So even if you do like the taste, will you buy them since some cultures consider dragons bad luck?

Kellogg's is, obviously, hoping you will.

Kellogg's Dragon Waffles


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