Will Ferrell gave the commencement speech for the 2017 class at the University of Southern California, and, of course, it wasn't all serious.

Ferrell graduated from USC in 1990. He received an honorary doctorate at the commencement, where he was the guest speaker. While he did give some sound advice to the recent graduates:

“Enjoy the process of your search without succumbing to the pressure of results. Trust your gut. Keep throwing darts at the dartboard. Don’t listen to the critics, and you will figure it out.”

Of course, he cracked a lot of jokes:

“I’ve already instructed my wife and my children from this point they have to address me as Dr. Ferrell. There will be no exceptions, especially at our children’s various school functions, and when opening Christmas presents.”

“The next time I’m flying, and they ask if there’s a doctor onboard, I can now confidently leap to my feet and scream, ‘I’m a doctor, what can I do? Yes, no problem, I can absolutely deliver that baby.' Hopefully it will be on United Airlines, in which [case] I will immediately be subdued and dragged off the aircraft, which we all know will be recorded on someone’s iPhone and put on YouTube.”

And of course, the kicker, he sang a version of "I Will Always Love You" like only he can:

If you'd like to watch his entire speech, you can do so here:

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