Every year during the St. Jude Radiothon, we try to help tell the stories of the many families in Acadiana that have had first-hand experiences with St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. We're of course talking about families that have had kids treated at the hospital in Memphis.

Over the years, our hearts have collectively broken together when we've lost a child from cancer or another catastrophic disease. We raise money in their honor. We never forget them.

We are also so very proud of the children that St. Jude has saved. Those babies eventually grow up to be Mommas and Daddys and wonderful pillars of our community. We do this for them as well.

And we also need Partners In Hope for all the children who are currently going through treatment at St. Jude.

Those are some of the reasons we support St. Jude. And if that wasn't enough, how about we tell you a story written for an Acadiana mom as to why you should become a part of the St. Jude tribe.

Below is a Facebook message we received from Stacey Hebert that explains more.


Why should you support St. Jude?

On February 10, 2020, St. Jude’s radio marathon was being held. On my way to drop my little ones off at school, I listened as each family told their story. My heart ached and all I could think was, “I can’t imagine what those families are going through.” I turned the radio off and prayed. Little did I know two weeks later we would become one of those families.

Hailey was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). When we arrived at St. Jude she underwent several surgeries to determine the extent of her diagnosis. A bone marrow test was performed and the results determined that she had 98% of Leukemia in her bone marrow. This test did not account for the amount that was also in her bloodstream. Because of St. Jude and the research they have made over the years, Hailey began treatment and within 15 days that number dropped to 0%.

I’m sure most of you have heard about St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and its mission of “Finding Cures. Saving Lives.” But after becoming a mom of a St. Jude patient, I’ve learned that it is so much more than that mission statement. St. Jude is a community of love. A place full of hope, passion, joy, and commitment. It is filled with smiling faces and hopeful hearts and without it, Hailey wouldn’t be here with us today.

The majority of St. Jude funding comes from individual contributors. Because of the donations St. Jude receives, families have the freedom to focus on what matters most, their children. We have never received a bill for treatment since she was diagnosed. St. Jude also helps with travel expenses, housing and food cost while we are in Memphis for treatment. They also help her with schooling and SO MUCH more.

Hearing your child has cancer is gut-wrenching. It feels like you’ve been punched in the stomach by a bodybuilder and you can’t catch your breath. Never in a million years did I imagine having a child with cancer. But St. Jude has/is saving Hailey’s life and I am and forever will be so grateful that such an amazing place exists.

St. Jude gives children/families hope, it takes away stress and above all saves lives. Your donation, no matter how big or how small, means so much to so many.

On behalf of Hailey, my family and all the St. Jude families, thank you so much for your donation!

Stacey Hebert and Family

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