A recent Facebook post pleads for help in finding a hit-and-run driver in the Youngsville area. The vehicle is similar to the one pictured above.

Janine Iwanowski posted security footage of a white Ford F-250 truck (similar to the one pictured above) that was at the Youngsville Pizzaville/Marble Slab establishment on Wednesday evening just after 8pm.

It is believed that the driver of the Ford truck damaged the Audi sedan seen in the photo above.

Look, I get it: that F-250 is a boat. I had one, and at times it was difficult to maneuver in tight parking lots. Even though, I never ran into anything with that truck. My girlfriend, on the other hand, had an issue at the ATM (we'll get into that story another time).

It is possible that whoever was driving the truck doesn't realize he ran into the front corner of (what looks like) an expensive vehicle. If that is the case, it should be easy for him or her to come forward and fess up to the damage. If it's not the case, and that person knows they damaged a vehicle, maybe guilt will encourage them to come forward.

Until the guilty party comes forward to face the situation, we are going to rely on your eyes and ears: if you were in the area at the time and recall seeing the vehicle, any information you can provide to Janine would, I am certain, be greatly appreciated.

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